1. Why should I become a trainer for a Heroes Quest Circle™?
If you want to sharpen your skills and fine-tune your delivery as a transformational trainer, while expanding your repertoire of distinctions and experiential processes, this is for you. If you are preparing yourself to lead other major trainings, this is a great way to get yourself ready. If you want to create a growing network of satisfied clients and make a solid stream of revenue, this is it. If you want to have fun, make a difference by contributing to others, then this is the best game in town.
2. How often do I conduct a Heroes Quest Circle™?
Each Heroes Quest Circle™ group meets twice a month. They pay a subscription for each session and you get paid for your work.
3. How many Heroes Quest Circles™ can I train in a two-week period?
You may have as many separate circles going as you wish, all following the same lesson. More is better for you, in terms of practice and in terms of pay. But that is your choice.
4. How will training a Heroes Quest Circle™ make me a better trainer?
Practice is required for every professional endeavor. The more people practice, the more effective and efficient they become. The learning circles help you to grow in experience and knowledge and, ultimately, in wisdom and mastery.
5. How will I get paid and how much can I earn?
Your circle members subscribe to join your Heroes Quest Circle™ and they pay for each session online at your own RBTS website. You are an affiliate of RBTS, and thereby have access to your member stats on an ongoing basis. Monthly, RBTS sends you a check for 50% of all tuition and 50% of any other products your members buy through our online store.
6. How will I get participants for my Heroes Quest Circles™?
You invite whomever you think would benefit and contribute to your learning circles. You can use your contact lists, social media, networking, or other means to select appropriate members. Other people may find you online by visiting the RBTS site where your bio and picture will appear in our Trainer Directory. The possibilities are unlimited!
We are here to serve you. It is our privilege and pleasure to help you grow. For more information or clarification about any aspects of the TrainTogether program please CONTACT US.