Start Earning Money As A Transformational Trainer Today

“I pledge to ‘aspire nobly, adventure daringly, and serve humbly', in the commitment for you to dream, achieve, and live exuberantly.”
~Dr. Ray Blanchard


If you are a graduate of the Trainer Designs Global Trainer Forum, TrainUP Forum (or an equivalent course of study) you may qualify to become an affiliate trainer with Ray Blanchard Training Systems and start earning money as a transformational trainer!

Who Is An Affiliate Trainer?

An affiliate trainer is a member of the Ray Blanchard Training System and the TrainTogether™ program.

Only graduates from the Trainer Designs Global program, TrainUP Forum (or its equivalent) are eligible to become an affiliate trainer.

Affiliate trainers earn generous commissions on participant subscriptions. Commissions are also earned from participant purchases of other seminars, products and services from the Online Merchandise Store, and Advanced Learning Webinars and Mastermind sessions that are conducted on a scheduled basis.

Affiliate trainers get listed on the HEROES QUEST CIRCLE website and get their own Heroes Circle to begin earning money as a transformational trainer.

What Is The TrainTogether™ program?

The TrainTogether™ program is a “Paid-Practicum” business model. It is an extended internship, in which you are paid well, while practicing the art of training and giving exceptional value to both advanced and new customers. It’s an heroic leadership game where you get to Train, Transform, and Thrive at the same time.

Ray Blanchard Affiliate Trainers
Ray Blanchard Affiliate Trainers

“Treat people as if they were what they should be, and you help them become what they are capable of becoming.”
~ Johann Wolfgang Van Goethe

What Is A Heroes Quest Circle™?

A Heroes Quest Circle™ is a learning group of about 15 or more people with a trainer who meet twice a month to engage in transformational conversations, experiential exercises, and life coaching that empowers the individuals to live extraordinary lives while accomplishing heroic dreams and goals.

The Heroes Quest Circle is led, managed and instructed by an Affiliate Trainer.

The Affiliate Trainer has access to all instructional materials from their Trainer Hub on the Ray Blanchard Training Systems website.