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The Ray Blanchard Training Systems (RBTS) principles and values are expressed as our CODE OF ETHICS. We hold these virtues and values as distinctive and sacred. They are important for a thriving professional relationship.
If you are aligned and willing to adhere to our Code of Ethics, we welcome you to our team. However, if you are not in alignment with these values and refuse to honor them, we request that you do not apply as a RBTS Trainer nor register as a Heroes Quest Circle™ member. We respect your choice. We ask that you agree and honor these values and principles: Honor, Integrity, Loyalty, Confidentiality, and Respect.

1. Live and act with Honor, and empower this principle of Dignity.

In the spirit of honor, dignity is a reality. We believe that honor is the basis of dignity and sustains humanity. With Honor, integrity and respect are possible. We make Honor the first pillar of our lives and our programs. If you promise to operate from honor, please join us.


2. Honor your Word, and honor your word as your Self.

We value our Word and yours as well. We believe that our Word allows us to count on each other. Being able to trust our trainers and members is the foundation of our work together and sustains our future. If you promise to honor this value, please join us.


3. Demonstrate Loyalty and stand by our team and mission.

Our core values include looking out for each other and having each other’s back. Loyalty provides both safety and a sense of family. We believe it fortifies our network and is the glue that builds community. If you promise to honor this value, please join us.


4. Keep Confidentiality of our experiences and materials.

Trust is at the heart of our work and our choice to share our proprietary materials. We operate from absolute Confidentiality of other people’s experiences and comments. We do not discuss or disclose the details of any of the webinars, audio recordings, exercises, assignments, or written documents with anyone who is not one of our certified Trainers, or to anyone who is not a registered Member of Ray Blanchard Training Systems, without the specific consent of RBTS or Ray Blanchard. If you promise to honor this value, please join us.


5. Show Respect for others and Ray Blanchard Training Systems.

Treating each individual with Respect is sublime. It is inspiring and moving to be regarded as worthy of others’ Respect, and to Respect others as well. We believe each person is self-governing and gets to make the choices for their lives. Their business is their business. We hold everyone with unconditional positive regard, and we revere them as they are. If you promise to honor this value, please join us.