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Have you ever envisioned yourself as a transformational trainer, inspiring hundreds, if not thousands, to take their lives, careers, relationships, and organizations to the next level?

Have you ever dreamed of excelling and making a living as a professional coach?

Have you ever imagined yourself as a top performing business consultant or executive, earning six figures or more and consistently achieving extraordinary results?

Have you a hunger to experience the accelerated results of transformational learning from a trainer’s perspective?

In the coming months, Master Trainers Dr. Ray Blanchard and Bettie Spruill will begin working with a selected group of professionals who are committed to being stellar trainers, facilitators, consultants and coaches.

Candidate Qualifications and Requirements

The TTT Intensive for people who are committed to a fast-track in training delivery. You are coached on audience management and facilitation, expert presentation skills, stage movement, and marketing from the stage. You will develop your own training from a template that is a tried and true model of success.  TTT Program is open to the public with these minimum requirements:

  • Have attended at least a Level I experiential training in self-transformation
  • Is coach-able and willing to stretch and make presentations
  • Knows basic laptop computer skills

The Trainer Forum (TF) Program is a six-month intensive for people who are serious about going to the ultimate level of designing themselves to be transformational trainers, facilitators, and/or coaches. Afterwards, the candidate is expected to establish an internship with a training center or mentor to further hone the skills as an apprentice with senior or master trainers. Eligible candidates will meet the following minimum criteria:

  • Hold at minimum a Bachelor’s degree from a reputable college or university or significant experience as a professional
  • Be a graduate of a reputable transformational leadership program
  • Have demonstrated experience coaching and/or training in a transformation-based arena (either through volunteer staffing or paid employment)
  • Have demonstrated experience coaching, facilitating and/or training groups — small or large groups (or be a graduate of the Train the Trainer Intensive)
  • Have a motivation for and clear plan for coaching and training that is aligned with transformational principles
  • Will internalize and apply their understandings of the key distinctions of transformation they learned, and then evidence that in videotapes of themselves working with live audiences.

The TF is intensive, disciplined, and self-directed in nature, as is the process of becoming a masterful transformationalist. Therefore, participants’ commitment to rigor and integrity is vital.