“Building Better Lives”

Ray Blanchard Training Systems' (RBTS) mission is to enhance the art of transformational training for our trainers, so they can deliver life-altering value, become highly successful professionals, and build brilliant lives for our audiences.

RBTS was designed as a platform for trainers to deliver live trainings, called Heroes Quest Circles, from the location and time of their choosing. Trainers start building circles through our affiliate program— giving trainers instant access to the professional training arena which supports people to overcome suffering and limitations, while dramatically enhancing their emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing. We aim to increase creativity and performance so that everything becomes fully alive.

Trainers work directly with Dr. Ray Blanchard, who has over 40 years experience in transformational training, and his outstanding team of mentors and assistants, including ontological coach and master trainer, Bettie J. Spruill. We guide our trainers through the program so that they are able to deliver the life-changing process of the Heroes Quest Circle with excitement and power.

How it works

TrainTogether™ is the perfect vehicle for evolving, qualified trainers. The focus is on you being a trainer— delivering and practicing your craft with the aim of mastery. Practice is the key to your success. Which is why our program is designed to reach larger audiences, while also providing a viable and rewarding career path for new and practicing trainers.

During bi-monthly webinars, Ray, Bettie, and other master trainers bring to life key-success principles and distinctions. Trainers participate in these lively dialogues and mastery discussions. Trainers then deliver the distinctions live to their private Heroes Quest Circle. Your circle can be from the comfort of your home or the location of your choosing.

Heroes Quest Circles sessions include bi-monthly lesson plans with an elegant balance of instruction, experiential activities, and hero quests that reveal the amazing powers of the human potential, while profoundly transforming life itself.