VIII. “The Co-Training Opportunity”

The co-training model opportunity, experience, and financial rewards of TrainTogether is truly unavailable anywhere else. 

Youll be able to transfer the practices you execute in Hero Circle to large public training and create breakthrough after breakthrough for everyone.

You have certainty about being a trainer who can create results in all your trainings.

Youll develop your ability to let go of worry and concerns and be present to operate in the zone of excellencewith peace and joy.

You will attract more interested participants as they witness the outstanding results of your circles and create a lucrative monthly income.

Well do this by providing you our uniquely structured trainer development process that allows you to make a big difference for others while bringing out something new and profound from YOU.

You can become a Member of TrainTogether™
for only $500 a year or $50 a month if accepted.

That is less than a tenth of the revenue you will receive from the tuition from one Hero Circle. You may choose to create more revenue by conducting even more circles, or from commissions from products and services your circle members buy online. But the bottom line is, the profound value you will receive from the co-training process is unsurpassed and priceless!

Envision the impact TrainTogether on your career. In a few short months, you will be a much better trainer than you are now. A lucrative monthly income, to boot.

What are those kind of powerful results worth to you? Beyond imagination