VII. “Personality Profile”

Your Recommended Option:
Personality Assessment and Communication Style

Prep Profile Systems offers an online business-focused, cross-culturally reliable 5-minute personality assessment which generates professional coaching, training and development needs, interpersonal relations insights, and so much more

Discover your core Personality!

  • Try our cross-culturally validated system of Professional and Personal Personality Assessment Reports
  • Learn about your personality and your best match careers
  • Say what you mean to say, so others hear it in their personal language
  • Build stronger communication for better relationships and teams


PREP for Professionalswhether running a business or consulting and coaching with others, the PREP professional report series gives added details to the myCORE reports.

Additionally, you’ll learn how your current motivation is impacting your energy reserve, short and long term stress levels and be certified to interpret the extensive charts and graphs of the comprehensive PREP personality profile system.

If you chose to take this recommended option, it is not included in your Membership, but we will arrange for you to receive it upon request. Should you do so, you can set up a personal review and individual coaching session with Dr. Ray Blanchard, a Certified PREP Associate, on how best to use these results in your life and mastering your trainer development challenges. Well be using the aggregated results of your performance, mastery of the distinctions,interpersonal interactions, and your PREP profile to maximize the value and opportunity of the entire TrainTogethertm experience. 

For more information about the development, research, and validation of PREP Profile Systems professional personality assessment, contact Ray Blanchard Training Systems for an interview after you apply.