VI. More “Food for Thought”

Eliminate your biggest trainer challenge this year. Let the “Great Trainer” within you Shine through, and experience a new way of being, acting, and facilitating.

Discover the Great Trainer in you

You have a deep desire and a natural knowing within that it is possible for you to be a different kind of trainer than you are now.  A thriving Elite Trainer, who has mastery in the Art of Training in all areas of “the work”.

If you’ve been on a trainer path for a while then you know how challenging it can be to bring your philosophy and “distinctions” to the training room, day to day.

Perhaps you:

  • Can access a deep clarity and wisdom when given time to reflect.
  • Find it more challenging to access your inner wisdom when you need it most– the rush of day-to-day training or confronting difficult participants.
  • Aspire to express compassion and caring in all of your trainings.
  • Find yourself continuing to play out unproductive patterns that you know undermine your efforts to develop yourself as a trainer in the way you want.
  • Aspire to be a model of excellence as a transformational trainer.
  • Feel stuck and limited because of the limited number of trainings to sit in on.
  • Are personally ready to play a bigger game in your life and your business.

In some of today’s training centers, many people are still in their survival mode. They may not be getting the best training they are looking for. And not everyone is ready to take on a full training all in one weekend. So we created a way for them to do the training module by module, and have some life experiences of it and applying it in between sessions.

You know that you are the source of what is happening in your development as a trainer but you don’t know how to accelerate it.

The plain truth is that even for those of us who have tasted the possibility of a more enlightened way of being and training, more often than not, we still get caught in the day-to-day challenges of life that pull us back into a more familiar and more contracted experience of ourselves and our take on life. As a result, we don’t live up to the potential we have as trainers to have the transformational impact that we want on our communities, businesses, our families and our own lives. What if you could change that?

To change that you will be required to alter your WORLD VIEW and BELIEF SYSTEM! That is the place where you have most leverage to change your life or performance, for it is the source from which everything starts. Rather than believing when we see something, we say “We see it when we believe it!

Are you ready to powerfully shift your worldview, uplift your practices, approach to training and life and really thrive?

We created TrainTogether to give you proven tools from the latest blend of physical science, brain plasticity, psychodrama, philosophy, metaphysics and the ancient Eastern practices that facilitate true and lasting transformation.

Einstein said, You cannot solve a problem at the level of thinking that generated the problem.When you start transforming your trainings from the level at which change truly occurs, you can open possibilities and achieve results with people that you never thought possible.

This can be done simply by using the inherent power of understanding your perception and interpretation, the meaning you assign to life events, modeling a Master, and taking actions that keep you fine tunedwhich all happens during this experiential journey.

Consider that right now, whats possible for you is limited by your understanding distinctionsand your lack of practice in front of real people. Consider that your progress and your ability to see and facilitate differentlyand achieve different results with studentsis dependent upon your practices and your ability to make new interpretations, add more content, and establish new habits for your delivery. You can improve upon all aspects of this right here.

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Thats what TrainTogethertm is all aboutlearning new distinctions, using new angles for viewing things, facilitating new activities, and learning new ways of working with the audience that empower the participants to produce the breakthrough results they truly desire in life.

What would you want to accomplish in the next 12 months as a trainer if you knew you could not fail?

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You would lead from your True Power, rather than your uncertainty, and produce Extraordinary Results as a trainer or as a person.

Imagine partnering with masters to model their content for your participants.

Imagine your training modules aligned and consistently working to create Extraordinary Results.

Imagine leaving the endless worries about what to deliver and how to monetize it, and getting on with your higher-level training objectives.

Imagine more efficiency and effectiveness throughout your trainings.

Imagine experiencing certainty, resolve and inner peace throughout your trainings.

Embrace the call within youtake the evolutionary leap to creating your own groups to train and practice while getting paid well for itand creating the lifestyle you love as an upper echelon trainer.

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TrainTogetherempowers your training career.
Get the power of a remarkable Master – with years of experience at producing transformation – on your side for an entire year. Delivering the same message.

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Hero Circle is a Mastermind Experience — the powerful Fourth Force

In addition to new distinctions, great group support, and new life challenges, another part of the live meetings in the Hero Circle is the Mastermind experience. It is the generous Great Mind that comes into play when mutually committed intentions and outcomes synthesize.

The coordination of knowledge and effort, in a spirit of harmony, between two or more people, for the attainment of a definite purpose.Master Sam Chan

For the 24 sessions of Hero Circle, the Trainer and up to 14 fellow participants will collaborate and support each other for the express purpose of taking on challenges and achieving extraordinary results worthy of hero status. Together, we lift each other up and break through the considerations and conditions that keep people stuck in mediocrity and prevented from realizing their true capabilities. Everyone will find the freedom, joy, aliveness, and success they were meant to achieve.


Upgrade your training distinctions and practices now.
We are currently accepting applications.


You can get started with your Vision Interview. In the Interview, we will both be in discovery about the possibilities that TrainTogether™ can open for you in terms of dramatically accelerating your professional development and financial gain. If we are a mutual fit, were ready to start.

Each Hero Circle session, youll meet in person for several hours. Typically on a Week Night or a Saturday where participants will bring their challenges and results, get new distinctions and experiences, and get the support they need to continue to move forward. You, the trainer, will also grow in leaps and bounds.

Both the trainer and participants will track their progress with their declared Extraordinary Results. At each new session, participants get to engage the group to address new thinking necessary to empower them moving forward.

Between sessions, small groups of participants may convene to support each other and to maintain continued engagement. These small groups of 4-6 people may meet in-person or over the phone for additional sharing or coaching, and to ensure they have all the tools and skills necessary to win at this game.

Each small group is put together based on how they can best support each other or by common interests. Participants will be able to refresh and switch small group members every few months over the course of the 24 sessions.

Each quarter, you can take the opportunity to schedule a private coaching call with each participant if you see they would benefit from it. The Coaching Calls should be ontological in naturefocused on their State of Being and where they are coming fromas they meet their challenges. The calls should be conversations for action.

These Coaching Calls ensure that the participants stay engaged and get the specific and personal attention they may need to truly BREAKTHROUGH their self-limiting conversations for good. And as a Trainer, you will get the chance to do more personal processing while continuing to forward your mastery of that particular technique.

TrainTogether is here to empower you to become an elite trainer so you get to live your dream of being a trainer at the highest level. The Hero Circle™ is for the participants to achieve whats most important to them in all areas of their personal life and business.

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