V. Benefits & Details in the “Nutshell”

TrainTogether™ is a post-graduate practicum for Trainer Forum alumnae to deliver structured training  distinctions and experiences, while achieving financial freedom.

You begin with an Interview with Ray Blanchard Training Systems, focused on what you want to create for yourself as a Hero Circles™ trainer.  

You then start your journey as a Hero Circles™ trainer by gathering a small, committed group of  participants and giving them an orientation on how the circle will work as a group. Each person will define the Extraordinary Results they will be committing to for the full 24 sessions in a year (a session every two weeks).

After the orientation session, the Hero Circles™ schedule is put into action. We will be learning how to reassign MEANING, open our BELIEF SYSTEMS, and take COMMITTED ACTION to create new experiences and results— as proven by millions of people in “the work” of transformation worldwide.

Every two weeks we take on a new “distinction” of transformation in a webinar with a master trainer. Then you will review the recording of the webinar and replicate it with your participants LIVE. On our main website, there is a passcode protected area for you to download instructions for an experiential exercise and life challenge for you to deliver for that “distinction.” You will focus on BREAKING THROUGH any Limiting Beliefs, Mind Traps, or Unproductive Patterns standing in the way of what the participants want.

This process will ensure that everyone’s Extraordinary Results will be fulfilled before the end of your time together. After Hero Circles™ is complete, your participants may attend The Freedom Course at Spectrum Life Design for FREE. A Great game for you to play and get paid!


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Some key Details of TrainTogether™ are as follows:

Webinars — Dr. Blanchard or another Master trainers will deliver the content of one of 24 significant “Distinctions” of transformation for the Trainers every two weeks. The Concepts and Contexts will relate to personal development, being more effective performers, and more joy. The talks will be recorded and archived for later study.

Co-Training — You study and rehearse the “Distinction”. Then you co-train it by modeling the Master trainer and delivering the “Distinction” LIVE to a circle of participants every two weeks. An experiential exercise will be facilitated after the related distinction has been made. You may conduct as many separate circles as you want (more circles mean more practice, more value, and more revenue).

Hero Circles — The circles are “learning groups” where people let go of self-limiting beliefs, shift their “world views”, experience new “possibilities”, and take on new “practices” that empower and accelerate performance. They are called Hero Circles because participants are committed to live nobly, risk daringly, and humbly serve others while demonstrating bravery and living extraordinarily. We recommend that circles be 10-14 diverse participants and with different professional talents and personal interests.They can be graduates or non-graduates. Circle members learn and work together and “support” each other for all 24 sessions, celebrating and helping each other to accomplish breakthroughs in their real worlds.

Content & Materials — You conduct a 3 hour sessions ever two weeks at a designated location. Didactic 20%, Experiential 50%, Share 30% is the way each session is organized. The Distinction and Materials to facilitate the session is provided by Ray Blanchard Training Systems (RBTS) by Webinar, Audio recording, and short written Trainer Notes. Beginners and Advanced students are accepted. Participants may repeat sessions as desired, if space is available.

Preparation and Followup — When you become a Member of our Trainer Network you get a Webinar Access Code, a personal Web Page, and a Password to our private Trainers’ Room.

There, you can grab the archived audio recording of the “Distinction” on the Webinar, instructions for a discussion and experiential activity for your circle, a review sheet for participants on each “distinction”, and a sample exercise or stretch assignment for the participants related to the “distinction”. Between sessions, the Trainer may allow limited private Coaching Calls from participants (according to the Trainer’s discretion).

Participants sign for circle sessions, coaching, or purchases online.

Membership for Trainers — Once you become a Member of this Trainer Network, you get featured in the Certified Trainer Directory on the main Ray Blanchard Training Systems (RBTS) website. Membership fee is $500 per year or $50 a month, only a fraction of the tuitions that participants pay you.

You get:

  1. Webinar on a “Distinction” twice per month
    (includes an all-trainer conference call every quarter)
  2. Audio recording of each “Distinction” webinar (online listening)
  3. Training Content for the Hero Circle™ meetings
    (includes instructions, exercises, and life assignments).
  4. Your own web page (a replica of RBTS site with  your own picture).
  5. 50% of circle participants’ monthly subscription of $20 a month.
  6. 50% of ALL Products purchased on your RBTS site
    (includes all Spectrum and it’s affiliates’ trainings/media/products).
  7. Listed in RBTS’s Certified Trainer Directory of “qualified” trainers
  8. To sell you own products on the RBTS site (after vetted/approved).

Subscription for Hero Circle
On your RBTS web page, Participants auto-subscribe monthly to attend  circles with you. They use your RBTS Affiliate link. Subscription fee is $20 a month, an incredibly affordable  investment compared to the VALUE they will receive for their life work. The

Participant gets:

  1. Webinar on a “Distinction” twice a month (live webinar)
  2. Audio recording of each “Distinction” webinar (online listening only)
  3. Bi-monthly Hero Circle with Coaching led by YOU
    (includes discussion group, exercises, life assignments)
  4. A Private Facebook Group to connect and share accomplishments
  5. Can review The Freedom Course after 12th session, for FREE
    (after Administrative Fee is paid)

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