IX. “Qualifications”

We strongly support your application if:

You are eager to be a working trainer, making a contribution, rather than waiting for someone to pick you up for a minor training job.
You are committed to being a stand out trainer with monumental
You want to generate monthly revenue to pay for your trainer lifestyle.
You are committed to taking charge of your training career, rather than living in unfulfilled expectation.
You are committed to honing your training skills and being a valued and experienced trainer.
You want to be known and influential in the transformational trainer world.
You are up to learning, evolving, and thriving personally and professionally.
You want to play a bigger game with a Master trainer.
You are coachable.
You are willing to create your own circles of participants to train.
You are willing to take responsibility for the workability of your circles, and are up to collaborating and giving support for others to win.
You are looking for more meaning and fulfillment in all areas of your life.
You are done with trying to re-create the wheel in order to succeed.
You are done with the emptiness of doing it alone, and want to be team.
You are ready to play full-out and be significant.

We request you do not apply if:

You are not excited to take the lead in your trainer life.
You are confused and uncertain about whether being a great trainer is a valuable asset to you.
You are complacent and it really doesn
t matter to you.
You already know what you want to know and don’t think practicing is important.

You don
t care to support or to be supported in your next steps as a trainer.
You are not willing to live in integrity and responsibility.
You are negative and cynical.
You are unwilling to be coached. You are committed to
Yea, but…”
You are not interested in creating a positive monthly cash flow as a trainer.
You are unwilling to play full out in
You don
t believe you can achieve what you want in TrainTogether.


We know you will find TrainTogether to be the perfect opportunity for you if you are ready to take a bold step in being the trainer you are in your heart and ready to just go for it!We will be going FULL TILT. We are truly committed to your development and we will do everything we can to make the space for you to blossom and shine. We are a stand for success YOURS and OURS! If you are on board, then the time is NOW, to go full out.

Become the trainer you are meant to be. We are diligent in identifying the essential conversations of transformation that you need to deliver, and participants need to challenge themselves on, if their lives are going to be fulfilled and they are going to get the joy they desire.

You will overcome your most prevalent trainer challenges, so you can be in charge of your training destiny. No more waiting to become. You get to develop the skills and expertise that will take you to the next level, so you receive the fulfillment you deserve from all that you have already put into being a trainer. The lasting payoffs are yours for the taking. This opportunity can dramatically impact the rest of your training future. Your time is now