II. Our Purpose and Vision

Our Purpose is to expand your expertise as a Trainer Forum graduate, to maximally serve your supporters and community, while you prosper at the same time. We identify your unique strengths and challenges, add more didactic knowledge, give you content and a system to follow, accelerate your overall development and competence, and help you build confidence and leverage.

The idea is to help you blossom into a top professional, while creating an effective user friendly version of the transformational training for the the participants who want to do the training modules with more time and practice in between.

We take the Learn, Adapt, React approach to your success — continuously learning new technologies, reading your audience and adapting to the trends, and reacting to what’s wanted and needed in your market. You stay on the cutting edge!



Our Vision of Transformation in every householdfocuses on four keys:

Preparing the Trainers of Tomorrow

Together, our great cadre of Trainer Forum graduates, Master Trainers, and Coordinators are committed to  cultivating a training environment that fosters continued grow for all. We make new distinctions, create new metaphors, tell new stories, and cultivate more cutting edge facilitation skills. Ultimately, we prepare you to be more professional and ready to take on the growing demand for transformational trainers in their communities and reputable training companies around the world.

Enhancing the Quality of Life for the Community and Trainers

TrainTogetheris committed to serving the community by making transformational education more accessible to the public, and improving the quality of the trainers who serve them. By grooming you as a trainer and providing you a structure to fulfill your dream of leading trainings, transforming lives, and thriving financially, we create a means for you to continue to make a bigger difference.

Everybody wins! Together, we’re investing in the future of the emerging world.

Inspiring Innovation and Entrepreneurship

TrainTogether is a co-trainer system that includes modeling, collaboration, support, and financial reward, with a commitment to stimulate your innovation and entrepreneurship fires.

Word up! You must learn, adapt, and react to the needs in front of you as the way to remain relevant in this business. TrainTogether reflects our committed to your success on an ongoing basis, to stay current, and to provide the best service for your participants.

Some of you are inspired to grow your own successful training business from the ground up. You can create an array of Hero Circles tm to generate unlimited income. You can then leverage from there to open infinite new possibilities or to build a base to start new training centers in the ever expanding training field.

Advancing the Training Industry

Together, we evolve the “the work” of transformation, thus securing its place in the annals of human  development. We model excellence, ethics, integrity, and credibility by providing you structured content, more training practice and related coaching. This creates more consistency from trainer to trainer, while enhancing your personal uniqueness, style, and value. The positive impact on your financial future is immense.

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