I. “Plain and Simple Truths”

DEMONSTRATE! That means you have got to get into “trainings”, show your stuff, and get noticed for your results and not your fantasies.

Here are some key attributes good companies look for in you and TrainTogethertm develops:

  • The training gets “in your bones” (embodied) rather than “just talk”
  • “Certainty” and confidence as opposed to authority and force
  • Ability to “create agreement” rather than hiding behind the rules
  • Agility— the ability to “dance on your feet” in challenging circumstances
  • Ability to “move people” and create authentic breakthrough rather than just going through the motions
  • Be complete— you can “just do the training” rather than create drama that is all about you
  • Read your audience and have a comfort level in each training so you can tune into the people’s dynamics as opposed to focusing on your notes
  • Processing skills— the ability to lead people to “their answers” rather than telling them “your answers”
  • A large arsenal of tools— you’ve been through the fire rather than just being green. You keep your audience engaged with a wide range of topics