“Turning Aspirations into Achievements”

Do you want to be a great trainer?
Would you like more confidence and training practice?
Do you want to get choice training contracts and generate great revenue streams, now?

The TrainTogether™ consortium is a cadre of trainers who collaborate to bring out the mastery in each other. This cadre is an enthusiastic support network for trainers to keep sharp, learn more, stay connected, give value, and generate revenue as professionals.

There are two fundamental ways you grow, as my mentor Master Sam Chan says, “something new comes into your life– or something new comes out of you.”

The genius of TrainTogether is that it brilliantly does both! We introduce new concepts and experiences into your life and evoke GREATNESS out of YOU. We are firmly committed to you being a top trainer in accelerated time.

Each trainer is on their own path and is committed to be on top of their game. The webcast mastermind groups and online posts help to make that possible. The extra edge of having the presence of your colleagues to confer with and Master trainers as coaches in the process.

The contribution from fellow trainers of lessons learned from their workshops is an ongoing gift. They keep everyone growing, on purpose, and high performing. In this community atmosphere, there is always an opportunity to witness outstanding talent and insight. That is how many great new partnerships for success are formed.

TrainTogether is designed to generate transformation and prosperity for all concerned. Trainers get to be “excellent” in their delivery and receive the great rewards of their craft. Participants in Hero Circles™ get the greatest personal breakthroughs and support possible.

Advanced students who participate in Hero Circles™ get to reconnect and learn at new levels, as well as offer their support, encouragement, and contribution to beginners.

Center owners and managers delight in the active involvement of graduates and their appetite for continuous learning. They also grow from the added energy in their environment and the sharing that gets inspired by going forward.

The consortium is a way for everyone to gain invaluable experience. Plus, you get to build your reputation and make money as you grow— all the way to the top.This elite and powerful trainer network is for Trainer Forum graduates.
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Great Candidates are accepted by interview only.
We are accepting applications now.


Now click on “The Program” tab. Please read the description in its entirety, all 10 articles, because they contain vital information relative to you making an authentic choice to participate in TrainTogethertm. These topics tell the full story:

I. Plain and Simple Truths
II. Our Purpose and Vision
III. Winning the Training Game
IV. The Winning Attitude of Top Trainers
V. Benefits and Details in the Nutshell
VI. More Food for Thought
VII. Personality Profile
VIII. The Co-Training Opportunity
IX. Qualifications
X. Invitation