IV. The “Wining Attitude” of Top Trainers

Next generation transformation depends on continuous improvement, commitment to service, dedication, and teamwork from graduates like you. You play a vital role in the evolution of “the work”.

Giving Value is the first proposition for being a great trainer, and doing it in a safe and compassionate way. We come from the motto of “First, do no harm” and then “Give more value that is expected”. TrainTogether™ maximizes both of those precepts in our instructions and materials we created for you.

Generating Revenue is of real concern for many Trainer Forum graduates. We are committed to you building a financial base for your future. You deserving that, and you should not divert from your dream and passion due to limited finances.

Our presupposition is that making a difference and making money go together. We believe it is proper to generate wealth doing what you love. If you are generously adding value to other people’s lives it is appropriate to be an excellent receiver of wealth in whatever form fitting for you.

Money is important in our society. Let’s be real. It allows you a certain freedom and creativity. It makes your life more enjoyable and makes it easier for you to pay for your desired lifestyle and continue your contribution. Yet being humble and grateful for the opportunities to share your talents and heart while thriving is the ultimate way to honor “the work”.

Our distinguished Faculty is among the best in the world. They have many graduates of transformation. They have numerous trainers whom they have trained, who are training in other cities and nations. We are proud of extraordinary leaders like you, who are eager to share the “work” with vigor.

We are committed to continue to evolve “the work” of transformation, and to find innovative ways for trainers to emerge and contribute to humanity’s evolution. This is our conviction and it is what drives us to share our new game with you.

Your Participation helps us to prepare tomorrow’s trainers and propel our discipline to greater prominence and promise.